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Watch The Bachelor Season 21 Finale Episode Spoilers Preview Winner Prediction


The Bachelor season 21st starring Nick Viall comes to an end. His choice will finally be revealed. The choice is between Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates for his final rose. However, there may be a reason to believe that there will be a different outcome when the final airs.

The Bachelor Season 21 Finale Episode

Show creator, Mike Fleiss, emphasizing on Viall’s final rose said that the life “After the Final Rose” will have a notable moment of some sort with something that has never happened before. Rumors have been spreading like a fire, on how the situations play out.  This leaves everybody in the state of inquisitiveness as of what to except from the three-hour extravaganza?


 Season Finale Spoiler:

Season 21 finale will center on Nick Viall’s choice. In the week 10 episode, he will introduce both the ladies to his family while in Finland. Meanwhile, he will have the last chance to know more about the ladies through the remaining time in order to decide whom to choose between Raven and Vanessa.

The Bachelor 21 Winner Result

However, spoilers say that Nick will spend more time with Raven cuddling and playing with puppies on an outdoor fire, which gets confirmed by the photos shared from ABC. Other than that, Raven and Nick do some ice skating together. While, in his date with Grimaldi, he will do horseback riding with Grimaldi through the woods, having some outdoor fire experience.

The final rose decision will decide the fate of Nick Viall. It might be a happy ending says the ABC network.

Prediction: Nick will end up with Raven instead of Vanessa.  However, anything can happen in the final episode of the Bachelor.

Who will Nick Viall’s choose Raven or Vanessa?

Who will get the final rose?

Will she accept his proposal?

We will get to know in the final episode.

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