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Watch The Flash Season 3 Episode 14 “Attack on Central City” Review Spoilers


The Flash is an American drama which is recently telecasted on CW. The series is based on the comic character. It revolves around Flash who is a superhero with extraordinary powers. It is entirely a work of fiction which showcases Flash as a crime fighter against all the odds. The drama has already been through with two of its seasons and is effectively airing the season 3.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 14 Spoilers

The recently broadcast episode of the series has been titled “Attack on the central city”. Grodd was seen making a comeback with his intellectual gorillas who act as his soldiers. The episode was the one filled with ultimate drama and action which was missing during last few episodes. The character of Grodd is seen evolving with the passage of time. The character truly does justice to its role. His ability to take up challenges and meet upto the expectations of the viewers have successfully been met.


Initially, flash is all gala for his victory over Grodd. Soon, the good times pass. Gypsy comes like a storm to attack team Flash but is confronted by Harry. The situation gets out of control. While the team is desperately for Grodd’s assault soon they get a reality check. They realize that all that was happening to them was a well-planned plot. They were being distracted by Grodd.

However, unlike previous episodes Grodd is not the only talk of the episode. This episode comes with really amazing visual effects and watching gorilla’s during the night is mesmerizingly pleasing to the eyes.

Also, the best that could happen to the viewers is the relationship between Barry and Solovar which grows slowly yet sweetly. Despite of all this team Flash manages to maintain its presence throughout the show. Therefore, the episode comes as a bonus to all Flash lovers.