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Watch Transformers 5 The Last Knight Film Trailer Story Plot Star Casts Updates


A 2007 American science fiction movie is a live action movie directed by Michael Bay. The three sequels of the movie have already been released and were one of the blockbusters of their time. Michael Bay wishes to surprise his fans a bit more. Transformers truly did justice with the movie script. Probably, it was one of the best movies as of now to depict war between men and machine with such enthusiasm and perfection.

Transformers 5 Film Updates

Paramount pictures are all ready with Transformers 5 and it seems there is no end for them. They have already released the plot for the upcoming sequel. The synopsis seems to be an interesting one. As the synopsis says heroes would transform into villains this time and Optimus Prime would probably see a doom fall.

Watch Transformers 5 Film Trailer Story Plot Star Casts Updates

There is a huge hype among the fans of the movie after the release of the tagline “heroes will become villains”. Autobots has been depicted has the villain in the trailer that has been released and this makes the fans more curious about the movie. What they are keen to know is who would save the world as the entire notion of a hero has been turned upside down in the upcoming movie. The trailer itself has created the buzz among the fans. The movie would be a grand success.

According to the synopsis humans would be at war with the machines which would be fought between Earth and the cyber-ton. The basic agenda behind the movie is to unveil the mystery behind the mythology of the transformers’ universe. Optimus Prime would be seen fighting a battle wherein he would try to kill Bumblebee.

Till now the fans have assumed him to be dead but it appears as if Prime makes a comeback in this sequel and surprises the fans. The movie is all set to hit the theaters on 23rd June 2017.