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Watch TV Anime Nobunaga No Shinobi Season 2 Release Date |Star Casts


Nobunaga no Shinobi” is a Japanese four-panel manga series by Naoki Shigeno, which was serialized in a magazine since 2008. Therefore, it has been collected in nine series. An anime television series adaptation by TMS entertainment began airing in October 2016. & it is being simulcast under the title “Ninja Girl & Samurai master”.

Nobunaga No Shinobi Season 2

The very first season about Ninja Girl, samurai was debuted in October. This year the fifth issue magazine is announcing on Thursday that the “Nobunaga no Shinobi” i.e. the Ninja Girl & Samurai master television anime which was based on four-panel manga series will get a second chance for spring 2017. The new season for the same series will be slated to premiere in April 2017.

Watch TV Anime Nobunaga No Shinobi Season 2 Release Date |Star Casts

The very first season was premiered in October in Tokyo MX & later on TV Aichi. Even, the gag manga centres on a young female Ninja named Chidori, & whose dream is to help the Warring states-era Warloard Oda Nobunaga to achieve his goals & Chidori believes he is the one who can abolish all the wars in the troubled times.

The Akitaro Daichi is attached to direct the adaptation with the character designer Junko Yamanaka.

The first TC anime is being produced by TMS Entertainment & began his broadcast in fall 2016. It is currently airing with 21 episodes so far.  The anime official website has also streamed the five minute “episode 0” was align online in March 2016. And even, the Crunchyroll is currently simulcasting the anime worldwide, excluding Asia.

The fans of TC Anime “Nobunaga no Shinobi” is eagerly waiting for the Second Season 2017 & the fans are very much excited for the upcoming series & also expecting extraordinary fun element too from the upcoming second season.