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Watch ‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Finale Episode On 8th March 2017 Teaser Promo


The American supernatural drama ‘Vampire Diaries’ was first telecasted on CW in 2009. The supernatural scripted drama has gained popularity over the years. The series has is inspired by the book having the similar name by L.J Smith. The series has successfully gained fame over the years. It has been able to air 8 seasons as of now and the drama is near to its close with the finale that will be aired on 8th March 2017.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Finale Episode

There is a lot of hayway among the viewers as the season is nearing its finale. The viewers are pretty much excited in knowing what would happen next. The assumptions for the same are being made by them. The level of excitement is at its hype. As of now the sources believe that the finale would showcase characters being married to their loved ones. It seems to be a happy ending for the series. The teasers for the same have been released as per the sources.

Stefan and Caroline’s engagement has already been talk of the previous episodes. Rather it has been one of the major highlight of the episodes. It can be expected that the keys would be handed over to Katherine and everyone would go gala over Steroline’s wedding.

Ian Somerhalder would be one character during the finale who would do all he could to keep Steroline happy. The gang tries hard to ensure that things are winded up in an organized and well-scheduled manner. Also they try to keep Pierce away from the scene.


It is expected that the season’s finale would be a perfect blend of emotions and rituals. The characters would be happily married portraying a happy married life after they tie a knot. Caroline would be on the seventh cloud with her wedding. It would be the one which would allow viewers to witness all kind of emotions in a go.

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