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We might loose Arctic and Greenland very soon due to climate change


Earth is under the attack of global warming for a while now, and it is leading to climate change rapidly. The heat trapped in the atmosphere is increasing the Earth’s temperature. The temperature increase is leading to the melting of the glaciers and the ice in the polar regions. The fusion of the ice even revealed some parts that were under the ice for thousands of years. The animals are swimming in the water, and their natural habitat is affected after the hot atmosphere.


Greenland faced a rise of 20 degrees in the last couple of days. The Arctic is also facing the rage of climate change; the ice is continuously melting, and we can’t help it. We can avoid using greenhouse gasses such as methane.

It is harmful to the environment, as it gets trapped in the atmosphere and stops the heat from passing through the layer, which increases the temperature. As per the scientists, the temperature is rising twice as fast than expected. If this continues, Earth may face some significant destruction in the coming years.

There is another theory to the rise in temperature when the ice melts in the Arctic; it exposes the dark surface which absorbs the heat in a significant amount leading to the increase in the heat. Due to the rise in temperature, the snow starts to melt more. Because of this process, the Arctic has become the fastest melting place on Earth.

Sooner or later, Greenland will add in the list of fastest melting places of Earth. Greenland is facing a significant change in its temperature lately.  The temperature in Greenland increased by twenty degrees above the normal, and it is the highest temperature experienced by Greenland so far. Greenland experienced 2 billion tons of ice loss in a couple of days. It seems like the Earth is going to turn into a hot ball very soon.