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‘Wentworth’ Season 5 New Teaser Trailer Air On Release Date


The fifth season of the television drama series Wentworth is set to premiere on 4 April 2017, on Showcase. The latest promo for the much anticipated Wentworth Season 5 has fans screaming for revenge, as it confirms previous reports about Allie Novak returning behind the bars to avenge her lover’s demise.

‘Wentworth’ Season 5¬†Details

There are still very limited plot hints about “Wentworth” Season 5. However, Danielle Cormack’s Bea Smith is already dead, so, she won’t come back. The new trailer shows Allie back in the prison, where she will get to know about the murder of Bea and will find out about her killer.

'Wentworth' Season 5 New Teaser Trailer Air On Release Date

Joan Ferguson seems in trouble in the trailer as a whole batch of the inmate can be seen on Allie’s side. Joan Ferguson is presented in front of Allie and other inmates lay down chains in order to clear the way for Allie to take her revenge. Adding to Joan miser, even the prison warden backs out of the Freak’s side, letting her face the consequences of her crime. With all the odds, it seems Ferguson will have a hard time from the beginning of Season 5.

Other than that, Kaz Proctor will be assigned as the new top dog of the Wentworth Prison. So, she might not be able to help Allie in her fight. Moreover, reports say that Kaz will be challenged to take the task of keeping peace inside the bars, which will create a fuss in the prison. As now Kaz might have to go through a dilemma, whether to stays neutral and leave prejudices aside, or to use her position to help get rid of Joan Ferguson.

Eventually, as suggested by previous reports, “Wentworth” Season 5 will center on Allie Novak’s revenge, as the ¬†fifth season of Wentworth has been titled as, “Revenge Will Set Them Free.”