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What Africa is splitting in two? Massive discovery


A recent report works as a shock for many. It tells that East Africa is splitting up into two parts. The researchers had noticed a huge crack or opening in Kenya’s Rift Valley which terms to be caused by heavy rains and seismic activities which is now letting the land to get separate from Africa and will get split up in next tens of millions of years.

This huge crack is been noticed by the scientists on March 19 which were 50 feet wide and some miles long. This crack is found to get deeper and longer by the time which tells plate tectonics under Africa are getting some big change which is turning to change the face of our planet in future.

What Africa is splitting in two? Massive discovery

“The Great Rift splits Africa into two plates. With what is happening we have established one plate which is the Somali plate is moving away from the other plate at a rate of 2.5cm. In the near future if this happens we shall have Somali plate separating from the other Nubian plate,” said geologist David Adede, who was quoted in the Kenyan newspaper The Star. “There is a great need for researchers to conduct a comprehensive study on the terrain of this region so that they can advise on where roads and residential buildings can be established. This can play a key role in dealing with such natural disasters should they happen.”

This rift is a narrow zone which is a developing of tectonic plate boundary where the splitting now takes place. The researchers are now trying to find more about the changes which can give way to many new problems in future.