WhatsApp Adds Status Messages Like Snapchat Stories Options For iOS Beta

It looks like facebook seems to have a liking on Snapchat Story feature and isn’t getting over it anytime soon. After Instagram, Facebook now wants to introduce the destructible 24-hour photo/video Story feature of Snapcat on Whatsapp too. There was a time when people were curious about what status to put on Whatsapp but now nobody really pay heed to it. On the other side, people go gaga over Instagram and Snapchat Stories every hour.

WhatsApp Adds Status Messages Like Snapchat Stories

Seeing the trend, Whatsapp will now roll its own photo/video Story feature as status, initially, just for iOS users. The Story will be dissipated after 24 hours automatically, like in Snapchat and Instagram. According to a twitter post by WABetaInfo, the Story status has been updated to the Beta version of Whatsapp for iOS 2.17.4+, with its very own privacy settings. Whatsapp has lately been making quite a few updates to its app, so it won’t be a surprise if the Story status feature makes it to the main version from Beta version.

WhatsApp Adds Status Messages Like Snapchat Stories Options For iOS Beta

Whatsapp has recently added an extra layer of security to its app with a two-step verification process. This feature basically adds an additional layer of authentication before giving access to one’s account and is being widely used by Twitter, Instagram, Google, Apple and LinkedIn, to name a few. Though Whatsapp adopted its end-to-end encryption feature for messages very quickly, it has been rather slow in adopting the two-step verification process.

In addition to that, WhatsApp is reportedly also working on a feature where users could share their live location in group chats. The platform is reported, also being tested for options to edit and recall messages, which have been sent but not read by the recipient. The revoke feature was first introduced on the WhatsApp Beta version app for iOS, but it still hasn’t made it to the main app.



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