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WhatsApp Not Working Globally Due To Software Bug

WhatsApp's scale outage went for full one-hour due to a bug in Software code.


Did your WhatsApp stop responding today? Well, you were not the only one to experience this. On Friday, Globally recognised instant messaging app experienced a global outage which made it difficult to send or receive the message on WhatsApp.

Over 1.2 billion users worldwide depend on WhatsApp for messaging, particularly in emerging markets like India.

After Reuters reported the outage with “Whatsappdown” trend on Twitter in India. India is the biggest market of WhatsApp with over 200 million users. Other countries which were coming on social media to speak about outage were Pakistan, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Russia.

WhatsApp official released a statement after fixing the outage problem.
“Earlier today, WhatsApp users globally had trouble accessing the app for about an hour. This issue has been fixed and we apologize for the inconvenience,” a spokesperson said.

The outage in WhatsApp was caused by a software code bug and was not because of the issue from the data centre.

It is not the first time that it happened that WhatsApp has outage problem. Earlier, most outages were only regional in scale. whereas this time it affected the user globally.


Not everyone noticed the problem with WhatsApp due to the fast problem resolving response from the WhatsApp. The service even came back up in some region only 30 minutes after the first complaint. So by the time some users start hearing about the problem, WhatsApp already start working for them.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp faced a global outage. Earlier in May, WhatsApp faced a similar problem but unlike today the outage went for few hours (much longer than today).