Home Entertainment Who is responsible for Prince Harry’s Popularity going down.?

Who is responsible for Prince Harry’s Popularity going down.?


Is Meghan Markle Responsible for disgracing of Prince Harry’s Popularity?
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are enjoying the best time of their life becay=use their son just arrived, But they’re not getting attention from Media. Since many days Markle has been in touch with media and press, Prince Harry facing so much of negative vibes from past few days and it is downplaying the popularity and reputation of Prince Harry in front of the public.


From the time both Prince Harry and Princess Diana were kids and were getting carried by their mother, both were very popular and was holding a unique space in people’s heart all around the world. His unique personality and fun-loving nature made him everyone’s favorite after their mother unknowingly passed away; it made them feel more protective. When Prince grew up, he faced so much controversy which expected even when he was kid, This controversies and everything nade the cringe among the royal family, but as he grew up, he became very responsible and adjusted himself according to circumstances.

When Prince Harry met and got married to Markle, it created hype in the press, and millions of the people watched there a wedding in May 2018. When both announced that they are expecting a baby, the excitement got increased, even more, it seems like Prince is on the perfect path of his life.

Unfortunately, his relation with his wife is not going right, and his relationship with the public is suffering because of his wife. If we compare then, Prince Harry was most popular among the people but after when he got married his popularity faced downfall. His wife is expected to be angry on the statement of Prince that they are going to have two children because of the overpopulation our earth is facing.

After that statement, everyone is ignoring the real problem.