Will? Apple iPhone 8 And Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone 8GB RAM

We are in Smartphone Era. Nowadays most of the mobile users are smartphone users. As the number of smartphone users growing rapidly, the new variants are keep coming into the market. In order to sustain the competition, Smartphone Manufacturers are trying their hardest best to provide best smartphones at an affordable price. Best smartphone resembles a smartphone with the latest technology with all latest features. These days we are seeing smartphones having 6 GB of RAM.

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus3T both are having 6GB of RAM which killed every Flagship with their features and pricings. Now Flagship manufacturers are focusing on improving their standards by providing best features in a certain budget. For that cause, Samsung and Apple iPhone manufacturers are looking forward to adding 8GB RAM in their future flagships. You read it correctly. It’s a massive 8GB of RAM in a Smartphone.

Apple iPhone 8 And Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone 8GB RAM

Sources reveal that Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Use UltraFast Internal Memory And RAM. SK Hynix a Korean based Smartphone component manufacture currently busy in manufacturing memory components for companies such as Apple and Samsung. Though there are no official statements by both companies to support this rumor, but the sources strongly say that Samsung and Apple are looking forward to improving their memory components in future flagships.

Will? Apple iPhone 8 And Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone 8GB RAM
Will? Apple iPhone 8 And Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone 8GB RAM

Indeed, it’s a much-needed move for Flagship Manufacturers. In order to survive in this competition, leading flagship manufacturers must focus on every small feature. We do feel Memory of a smartphone plays a crucial role in order to attract buyers towards their products.

SK Hynix Memory Components makers are quite busy in making high-end memory components. Sources say those components will be exported to high-end smartphone makers which involve Apple and Samsung companies indirectly. Rumors say that Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will definitely have an 8GB RAM Slots. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy s8 will release in the month of March or April 2017. Coming to iPhone 8, they will follow their tradition of releasing smartphones every year in September Month. In the month of September 2017, we can expect iPhone 8 coming out with 8 Gigabytes of RAM.

Do you think these rumors will come true in upcoming days? Do let us know your opinions in below comments section.



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