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Williamson Deletes Her Tweet on Hurricane


Marianne Deborah Williamson is a very famous writer and author from America. She has written more than 13 books. One of her most selling books was “Advice”. She was born on the 8th of July 1952 in Texas, United States. She works for the Democratic Party.

She made a tweet where he said that the power of the mind can stop Hurricane Dorian from entering the US and later she deleted her tweet.

Image Credit: CNN

She feels terrible for what happened in Bahamas, Georgia, Florida, and Carolinas. She remembers everyone in her prayer, which has lost their lives, house, or anything — two minutes of prayers and meditation for them.

Later she replaced tweet and said that she is praying for everyone who suffered because of Hurricane in Bahamas, Georgia, Florida, and Carolinas. I hope God will give peace to their souls.
Her spokesperson sent an email to CNN and said that tweet was the metaphor and later she changed her tweet as it was creating confusion and misunderstanding.

A reporter uploaded the screenshot of her tweet, and in response, she said that I know you want to create controversy on everything. Her recent tweets say correctly, which she wants to say, don’t see the dialogues but try to understand what she wants to see.

This Wednesday she said and cleared that she wanted to pray for those who lost their lives and her words referred to prayers which turned into criticism.

She said she was born in Texas so she is aware of everything and she felt evil as Dorian has gone far away from the land and that resulted in losing a lot of lives and shelters of those people.

She is also one of the most searched people after the debate.