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Woman Shot To Death By Arlington Police Officers


Texas Police officials shot a woman saying that she was aiming a gun at her dog. When investigated, it came out that she was the daughter of a firefighter. She was shot to death by the police officers and the medical examiners at the Tarrant County pronounced her death. The Arlington Fire Department identified her on Friday as her name was Margarita Brooks, daughter of Fire Capt. Troy Brooks.


The officers who attended the case were on a welfare check in Arlington. Brroks passed out in the backyard of a supermarket she used to go frequently at 5:20 p.m. The body camera that the police officials always carry recorded the footage of the scene.

The video released on Friday showing the officers addressing the lady to calm down.” Brooks’ dog, who was a beagle-labrador mix ran towards the officers to attack. “Ma’am…are you OK? … Is that your dog? Can you get up?” The officer took out his gun and asked to back off before shooting. Brooks started to scream, and the officer took a shot at her dog, but the bullet got straight into her chest. Brooks was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The officers who shot Brooks are on paid administrative leave, and the investigation is on the run, said Will Johnson, Arlington Police Chief. He conveyed in the statement, “Preliminary information leads investigators to believe the woman was struck by gunfire from the officer.” Johnson also expressed, “Our hearts are broken for the Brooks family and the police officer involved.

This is not the outcome our officer wanted, or the department wanted. Ms. Brooks was never the target of force. We know as police officers that we are responsible for our actions.” The officers completed their training recently and were sent off to duty on July 1. The dog may have survived, but what happened to Brooks was very unexpected.