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Body Found Encased in Concrete in Nevada Desert Believed to be Missing Woman


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police received a missing person complain about May 7 before 7 p.m. Police received a hint in July that Prestipino, 45 years old men could be involved in the case.

After few months on Oct 8, the homicide detective found women’s bodies encased in concrete and wooden structures in the desert of Nevada. Police have not identified the women officially, but according to Las Vegas Review-Journal, Women are recognized as Esmeralda Gonzalez, 24 years old by Clark County District Attorney’s office.

Gonzalez resided near to Prestipino’s house and was reported missing by her brother when he found her front door open and could not contact her for a few days.

Image Credit: Fox News

According to the detective report, women were held inside Prestipino’s house against her will and murdered. Christopher Prestipino arrested within three days of discovering women’s bodies. Prestipino charged with first-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder and murder. Police have also arrested Lisa Mort, 31 in connection with the death, they found that Mort had the knowledge and helped Prestipino. Mort reserved in Clark County Detention Center on charges of the harbor a felony offender, and both arrested on 11 Oct.

The victim worked in the adult entertainment industry and had a huge fan following on social media. Court documents state that she had mental illness and observed the day she reported missing, asking for rides in her neighborhood in high heels and lingerie.

According to the court’s documents, obtained by Las Vegas Review-Journal, the victim first strangled by Prestipino and then injected her body with a pool cleaner, after leaving her tied to a bedpost for a more extended period. Her body was transferred to the desert using U-Haul.

No updates yet received from the Lawyer of Prestipino.