Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Recent Leaks Its Specifications Features

Xiaomi a well known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, who entered into smartphone industry a few years ago, and now acquired a supreme position by selling a decent number of Budget smartphones. There are a lot of companies who tried a lot to promote their brand smartphones, but among all the available smartphones, the audience chooses Xiaomi as their favorite brand. Yes! Because of its flagship features in a budget smartphone. Best examples are Redmi Note, to be specific Redmi Note 3. More than a million handsets sold by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi always making decent smartphones with best features and they are reliable. Hence customers giving preference to use Xiaomi smartphones. After a couple of months, Xiaomi launching one more device in a medium budget. The upcoming Xiaomi smartphone named as Xiaomi Mi 6. Earlier today, few more features of this device are leaked over the internet. Let’s have a look at Xiaomi Mi6 Recent leaks, specifications, and features.

Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Recent Leaks Its Specifications Features
Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Recent Leaks Its Specifications Features

Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Specifications Features

As per the latest source of information, we have, Xiaomi Mi 6 available in two variants. These devices are not variated by colors or RAM. This time devices are variated by appearance. Xiaomi Mi6 available in two variants, in which one variant will be a FLAT one, and the other variant is DUAL CURVED one. First of all, it’s shocking to hear that, we are getting Curved Smartphones on a medium budget.

.Sources reveal that Xiaomi Mi6 with Dual Curved variant may be named as Xiaomi Mi6 Pro which might have 6GB of RAM with 256GB Internal storage. Coming to a Flat variant, the device is called Xiaomi Mi6. Which will be having 4GB of RAM with 128GB internal storage. Both variants will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, and both devices supposed to have a 4000mAh battery.

Coming to the price tag of Xiaomi Mi6 pro and Xiaomi Mi 6, both devices may have a price of 25,000 INR and 20,000 INR Respectively.

All these are the leaked specifications of Xiaomi mi 6. Official confirmation yet to come on this device. Many people desperately waiting for this device to release in the market. This device may go official launch in the first quarter of 2017. Till then we have to keep dreaming of this device!



  1. Thanks for providing the expected features of the Mi 6.
    The specs seem to be awesome. I am eagerly waiting for the release.
    Want to check out all the features myself.


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