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Xiaomi Revealed Intel Powered Smart Shoes Check Features Specs Price


Just when we thought we could not make more things smarter, Xiaomi and Intel team up to prove us wrong yet again. The most unlikely of all manufacturers have come together to make smart shoes. It’s actually a pretty smart idea and unlike the smart-band or a fitness app, the shoes will track the fitness data of the user per step, giving a more precise approach towards information sharing with the user.

Xiaomi Intel Powered Smart Shoes Features Specs Price

The 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear (that’s the actual name of the product) shoes will be powered by an Intel chip – the Curie chip, which can store all the information that is tracked by the shoes such as calories burnt, distance traveled and other similar data. The chip will also help find out whether the user is walking, climbing or running based on the movements that it detects.

Xiaomi Revealed Intel Powered Smart Shoes Check Features Specs Price

According to Gadgets 360, the smart shoes from Xiaomi, developed by a Shanghai-based tech company, Runmi Technology Co. Ltd., comes with an impressive 60 days of battery life, as well as equipped with Intel’s compact Curie chip that stores all the fitness related data. The shoes are reportedly focused on professional runners and athletes, as well as coming with arch design and anti-skid features.

As per the report, the shoes are able to accurately detect movement, and can be used for walking, running, and even climbing. Xiaomi’s all-new smart shoes are available in Black and Surf Blue color options for men while Black and Pink color options for women; there is also a special “Blue Edition” of the shoes that have a glow in the dark feature.

Although the technology comes from Xiaomi and Intel but the shoes themselves have been designed by Shanghai Runmi Technology Co. Ltd. This isn’t the first time that Xiaomi has come with footwear, apparently, as they had previously tied up with Li-Ning to create sports shoes as well. The new shoes, according to Xiaomi have been created just for athletes, keeping in mind their needs from their footwear during training and games, in order to gauge their performance and also measure how fast they run, as well as the distance that they cover. So far, the company has not revealed if the shoes will be available outside of China.

It does however, makes us start to wonder, why Nike and Adidas haven’t jumped on the smart wear bandwagon until now.