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Your data on Facebook in unsafe, researcher says


Millions of people are now a part of Facebook and shares about their life, personals, and day to day events that happen in their life. It is one of the biggest platforms where one can communicate to anyone. A recent research which now comes in front tells that the data which you upload on Facebook is not safe at all. In 2009, a researcher Bernhard Rieder had created the same app which had helped Cambridge Analytica to collect the data of 50 million people.

After this, he had deleted the data. Rieder who is an associate professor of new media and digital culture at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands says,”I should have stored all the data, get that Lamborghini.” This incidence tells that how can some parties access to people’s data by discarding the loophole which helps the Cambridge Analytics to build its data set.


Your data on Facebook in unsafe, researcher says

When Rieder was asked that how many companies can access this Facebook data he says that around hundred from thousands of companies can do this. Rieder had used a tool which called Netvizz which is a Facebook data extractor for academics studying social network. The app which was created by Rieder was used by more than 100,000 researchers and available even today. After this, Facebook had made many changes in the programming and also limited the information criteria which helps to keep the user’s information safe.

Reider tells that it was an easy task for him to get the data from the users. He tells,”Before 2015, you could get troves of data, especially as an app. I could have easily created a trove comparable to [Cambridge Analytica]. So a lot of people could have. And a lot have.” Well, the Facebook gets many changes and ask you to keep a privacy check on a daily basis that will keep your data secure.